Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year! The kids suprised me with streamers, flowers and blueberry muffins when they came to the hospital New Year's day.

Everyone immediately fell in love with our new sweetheart!

Danny and Jacob. Danny is the one who got Mike and I wanting another baby. He came to us one day and said, "Heavenly Father is sad that you are not having another baby."

Ryan and Jacob. Ryan thought he would enjoy Jacob more once his umbilical cord was gone :)

Here are Mike nate, Rylee and Danny at the Intuit Bowl game on New Year's Eve. Mom and Ryan were a few rows down from us. We had to leave at half time becaise I discovered my water had started leaking. I did not want to deliver at the first aid station! As it turned out we got to the hospital in plenty of time but you never know!
Here I am at the end of my pregnancy. Jacob was this heavy ball right in front!

My Mom holing baby Jacob. She had to buy a new plane ticket home because Jacob came so late. If she hadn't she would not have been able to snuggle this sweet little boy!

Jacob at 5 days old.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

These are picts of Nate, age 4. He attends Packer Preschool M-W-F. Every week they study a new letter and its' sound. They get to decorate their letter and take it back at the end of the week to show their classmates. Every Oct. they go on a fiels trip to the pumpkin patch. Agter choosing a pumpkin, they decorate it with stickers. They also get to go on a hay ride and visit some farm animals!

Nate loves to Dress like Mr. Incredible. He says he has super speed! He was Mr. Incredible for Halloween.

For those of you who haven't seen me recently, this photo was taken last night at a neighborhood cookie exchange. Don't let the sweater fool you, I've got a big belly...everyone agrees! (12-13-08). My due date is in less than two weeks, December 26, Rylee's 11th birthday!

This is our family picture from Christmas 2007. We have waited to take another because we will add a new baby boy to our family any day!